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        company introduces
           HeBei JiShang Imports And Exports Trade co .,Ltd is sets up a file the being established by the Hebei Province commerce hall authorization to have one of certain scale Hebei Province foreign trade Specialized companies, its management scope includes: The needle textile, the livestock product, the manufactured item, the hardware alternating current, the minerals (coal and petroleum product exception), the instruments and meters, the product of chemical industry (first kind of easy system narcotics, dangerous chemical exception), the mechanical device, the revertex product, chemical, the chemical product, woodware's sale, the self-management and agent each kind of commodity and the technical import and export business, the country defined that the company manages or forbids import's and export's commodity and the technical exception. At present the company manages the commodity already involved 100 kinds, the present company is maintaining with 500 foreign merchant close contacting, the products outlet more than 60 countries and the area, and with places such as the US, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Britain, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong has the long-term cooperation.
           Our company always carry out: The good faith first, quality first, serves the first, customer supreme 16 character management idea, and the warmly welcome general domestic and foreign businessmen relate with us, and hoped sincerely forms with you for enterprise's at good partner, in the life good friend. During Operation of business successful, Our company also positively participates in social the public utility, as usual period of service helps the impoverished mountainous area the child goes to school 20, celebrates the new year to celebrate a holiday the salute not to have person insured and so on. Obtained general social populace's many high praises. will wish our Chinese and foreign new old customer in present's commercial cooperation, the enterprise and the friendship will obtain develop unceasingly and deepen day by day!